2003 New Year’s Eve

“What a Fuss”

Reflecting the new image of the Hungarian Public Television MTV, the New Year’s Eve show has been entirely different from the ones so far. Among the shows broadcast live from 25 countries, and made by renowned directors of the world, Pál Sándor was the one to represent Hungary’s contribution.

"What a Fuss! What a Life" – the title, which is also the motto – refers to the respective conditions of the country; the text authors are young writers. Recapturing the past decades’ emblematic events and hits in a set with familiar objects, the audience could enjoy a great variety of cabaret productions in the arena like traditional Kids’ Circus, Europe Hippodrome, Quiz, Brief Skits, Midnight Boogie, Mihalik, the Action Hero, Bodyguard, Strategic Meeting, How Not to Watch the TV? And, of course the indispensable closing question with one sentence replies, What are your expectations of the New Year?

Producer: Pál Sándor
Director: Sándor Silló
Screenplay: Orsolya Karafiáth, Zsolt Györei, Ákos Szilágyi
Chief Editor: Edit Szendi
D.O.P.: Tibor Nemes
Music: György Ferenczy
Production Manager: Károly Rozsnyay

Cast: Gyula Bodrogi, Judit Hernádi, Attila Kaszás, Erika Marozsán, Péter Scherer, Mari Törőcsik
Dancers: Andrea Ladányi, Csaba Horváth
Music: Hot Jazz Band, Herfli Davidson, and Parnakraszt Band from Nyiregyháza playing authentic Gipsy music
Moderators: Barbara Hegyi, Attila Kaszás