Cadillac Drive

road-movie, 12 episodes (2006)

Starring: Sándor Fábry, András Wahorn

Two good old friends decide to take home the old Caddy Convertible belonging to one of them from L.A. to Budapest through Alaska and Siberia. The two friends are: Sándor Fábry, Hungary’s nr. 1 showman, and András Wahorn Hungary’s nr. 1 painter, the foreman and lyricist of the legendary Committee (Bizottság) band, forward vanguard fighter, performer, filmmaker.

Idea: Sándor Fábry, Gergely Litkai, András Wahorn
Director: Tibor Kocsis (USA, Canada), Tamás Tóth (Russia, Ukraine)
Cameraman: Gábor Ágoston, Péter Ákos (USA, Canada), Péter Vajda, György Réder (Russia), Balázs Radics, Bence Kolba (Ukraine)
Post-production production manager: Zsolt Valkony
Production manager: Andrea Duca
Line-producer: Erika Tarr
Associate Producer: Zsolt Meskó
Producer: Pál Sándor
Co-Producer: RTL-Klub
Length: 12x 50 min