Doll No. 639

A lonely man lives a comfortable life between his workplace and his cosy apartment. Until strange incidents derail the routine. The story is set in the future that could be the past too.

Director: Gábor Móray, András György Dési
Screenplay: Gábor Móray
D.O.P: Sándor Csukás
Music: Ogi
Editor: Péter Forgács
Sound: Rudof Várhegyi
Art Director: Imre Czédly
Special Effects: György Horváth
Producer: Kata Oláh
Executive Producer: Pál Sándor

Cast: Tünde Murányi, Péter Scherer

2005, Hungarian short film, color, 15 minutes, Beta SP

  • BUSHO – Budapest International Short Film Festival – 2005: First Prize
  • 24. International Sci-Fi Film Festival (BIFFF) – Brusseles: 2006: Award for the Best Short Film