Heads Off!

The film is set in the Middle Ages, but this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There is a country ruled by an Emperor who is a bit nutty. This is nothing surprising, because nearly everyone is actually a little cookie. An important figure in the King’s court is the Cupbearer, whose house is the story’s main setting. The Cupbearer – an ordinary little man – is the protagonist in this crazy world where ever more unbelievable events take place. There are also his two sons, Estván and Péter, and his daughter, Cifka, the little slut who desperately wants to get rid off her virginity as early as possible. Other significant roles in the film are Kata, the bigmouthed wife of the Cupbearer, Big Lothár, the Executioner, Kozár, the assassin and, of course, Anasztázia, the mother-in-law.

Director: Péter Tímár
Writer: András Szekér (“The Cupbearer’s House”)
Screenplay: András Szekér
D.O.P.: Sándor Csukás
Editor: Péter Tímár
Music: Gábor Závodi, Pierrot
Sound: Tamás Márkus
Art Director: Zsuzsa Borvendég
Costume Designer: Beatrix Pető
Still Photo: Miklós Gáspár
Production Manager: Károly Rozsnyay
Co-producers: RTL KLUB, MAFILM
Producer: Pál Sándor

Cast: János Gálvölgyi, Judit Hernádi, Imre Bajor, Dezső Garas, Iván Kamarás and Zolee Ganxta

2004, Hungarian feature film, color, 90 minutes, 35 mm

  • Hungarian Feature Film Festival – 2005: Award of the Audience 3rd Prize