This is an adventure film. One could say an ideological adventure, but with “real” adventures, revolutions and wars spanning countries and continents. A great journey – a race for belief and identity. Our hero is half Hungarian, half Spaniard; half catholic and half Jewish; born in Latin America and brought up as a convinced communist. His family drags him across the world, from Che Guevara’s and Salvador Allende’s failed revolutions, into the "existing socialism" of Hungary. The result: a revolutionary without the constraints of borders. What will become of him in this new world, a world wanting nothing to do with ideologies any more? What will become of those whom history has already deceived? What will become of the forever restless, the angry and the radicals? Our hero races anew across the world, and finds himself in the war of Croacia.

Director: Ibolya Fekete
Screenplay: Ibolya Fekete
D.O.P.: Nyika Jancsó, Mátyás Erdély, Antonio Farias
Editor: Anna Kornis H.S.E.
Sound: Róbert Juhász
Art Director: Mladen Ožbolt
Costume Designer: Snježana Škrinjaric
Still Photo: Gábor Dettre
Line Producer: Andrea Kormos
Executive Producer: Gábor Dettre
Producers: Sándor Simó, Hans Kutnewsky, Damir Terešak, J.J. Harting
Produced by: Hunnia Film Studio, ZDF-ARTE, Maxima Film - HTV (Zagreb), Roos Film (Santiago)

Cast: Eduardo Rózsa Flores, Sergio Hernández, Richie Varga, Gyula Bodrogi

2001, Hungarian feature film, color, 108 minutes, 35 mm

  • Karlovy Vary – 2001: Prize for Best Director, Ibolya Fekete, The Oecumenic Jury’s Award
  • Berlin – 2001: John Templeton European Film Award
  • Hungarian Feature Film Festival – 2002: First Prize, Golden Scissors Award to Best Editor, Anna Kornis
  • Lagów – 2002: First Prize
  • Istambul, Cinema and History – 2002: First Prize, Filmcritics’ Prize
  • Budapest – 2003: Hungarian Film and Television Critics’ Prize: Award to Best Director, Ibolya Fekete