A Cloud Above the River Ganges

Juli and András get acquainted on a Budapest street in a lonely and bitter moment of their lives. A time when both badly need someone. András, a brilliant computer programmer, has been a drug addict for years. After several failing attempt to become clean, he decides to commit suicide at the beginning of the story. Juli is an actress just starting out, who has been struggling in a hopeless relationship. In the weeks to come, they go through many torments in life; physical and mental torture and the hell of humiliation and fear. Locked in András’ apartment, the only dim light of hope is shed by their flourishing relationship. In the monotonously passing days of isolation, András suffers from sometimes unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Juli is really concerned and desolate, but she tries to help him, even if sometimes clumsily, with tender care. With András’ hopes of recovery, new plans begin to appear in their lives. Together they decide to make an old dream of András come true: they travel to India.

Director: Gábor Dettre
Screenplay: Gábor Dettre
D.O.P.: Ferenc Pap
Editor: Gabriella Koncz
Sound: György Kovács
Costume Designer: Gyula Zámbó
Still Photo: Gábor Komáromi
Production Manager: Tibor Orosz
Line Producer: Andrea Kormos
Producer: Jenő Hábermann, Sándor Simó
Produced by: FilmArt, Hunnia Film Studio

Cast: Zoltán Ternyák, Lajos Kovács, Ildikó Tóth, Ferenc Borbiczky, Anikó Sáfár, Miklós Székely B., Lili Monori, Erzsi Pápai, Juli Nyakó, Jenő Kiss, Sándor Badár

2001, Hungarian feature film, color szín, 100 minutes, 35mm

  • 2003 – The Hungarian Film and Television Critics’ Prize for Best Actor, Zoltán Ternyák, Prize for Best Actress, Ildikó Tóth