The House Under the Rocks

A tormented soul, Ferenc Kós, returns home from the Soviet Union, where he has been imprisoned as a POW. He tries to start a new life in his house by Lake Balaton. His wife is dead, and his son is now being taken care of by the sister of his late wife, the hunchback, Tera. She nurses Ferenc tenderly, hoping he will eventually fall in love with her. However, Ferenc marries another woman, Zsuzsa, and the house turns out to be too small for the four of them. Ferenc cannot set his mind to sending Tera away. She constantly expresses her jealousy and hatred of Ferenc’s new wife. Meanwhile, a rude forester tries to seduce Zsuzsa. Unable to bear the tension, Ferenc pushes Tera into a chasm. Zsuzsa, his wife, leaves him. Ferenc gives himself up to the police. „The House Under the Rocks (Ház a szikiák alatt) is considered by many to be Hungarian director Karoly Makk`s masterpiece. One of the hits of the 1958 Venice Film Festival, The House Under the Rocks was equally well received at the San Francisco Film Festival” (Hal Erickson)

Director: Károly Makk
Writer: Sándor Tatay
Story Editor: Péter Bacsó
D.O.P: Illés György
Editor: Sándor Boronkay
Music: István Sárközi
Sound: Tibor Rajky
Art Director: Lászó Duba
Costume Designer: Éva Weingruber
Still Photo: János Oláh
Production Manager: Ottó Föld

Cast: János Görbe, Irén Psota, Margit Bara, György Bárdy, József Bihari, Ádám Szirtes, Sándor Deák, Viola Orbán

1959, Hungarian feature film, black and white, 101 min., 35 mm

  • 1958 – San Francisco: Best Movie Award
  • 1968 – „The Budapest Twelve”