Two Half-Times in Hell

In a POW camp, somewhere in the Ukraine, the prisoners are presented with a great opportunity: on the occasion of Hitler’s birthday they are challenged to play for their lives against a German soccer team. The Germans appoint Ónodi II, the former soccer star, as the POWs’ coach. He believes it impossible to mould a group of starving, physically and emotionally tortured people into great a team. Yet, he realizes the awesome power he now has, because the players he chooses are well fed, nor are they compelled to work in the mines. The eleven literally play for their lives and beat the Germans. The euphoric post-match celebrations are silenced by the heavy gunfire of the Germans.

Director: Zoltán Fábri
Screenplay: Péter Bacsó
Poems: Attila József
Story Editor: Gábor Thurzó
D.O.P.: Ferenc Szécsényi
Editor: Mrs.Szécsényi
Music: Ferenc Farkas
Sound: György Pintér
Art Director: Zoltán Fábri
Still Photo: Tibor Inkey
Production Manager: Ottó Föld

Cast: Imre Sinkovits, Dezső Garas, László Márkus, Tibor Molnár, János Koltai, Sándor Suka, Zoltán Gera, István Velenczey, József Horváth, János Rajz, János Görbe, István Egri, János Maklári, József Szendrő

1961, Hungarian feature film, black and white, 122 min, 35 mm

  • 1962 – The Hungarian Film Critics’ Prize for Best Director, Best Actor Award to Imre Sinkovits
  • Boston: Certificate