The Corporal and the Others

In the last days of World War II, a Hungarian army corporal, Molnár, deserts along with his battalion’s pay hidden in grenades. He finds refuge in an old castle with other deserters, also hiding there. Albert, the “noble” butler of Baron Drexler takes care of them. The deserters, now as heroic Hungarian soldiers, take over the guard of POW Szíjjártó. They set out to find some food, and on their way they save Grisha, a Soviet soldier, hiding in a forester’s house. They try to avoid both the Germans and the Soviets, but a troop of Hungarian fascists finally uncovers them. The pay, hidden in an oven, is burnt to ashes. Meanwhile, they get hold of the grenades, and when the Nazis are about to execute them, they fight back. Attempting escape, they fall into Soviet captivity, where they organize a partisan squad from their little group. Preoccupied only with saving his own life, Corporal Molnár walks out, and is replaced by Grisha in the squad. The partisans depart, the corporal taking the opposite direction, but changing his mind, he finally rejoins them. „The Russians are already in the larder..." – this legendary statement sounds familiar to all movie-freaks, and has made the film unforgetable.” (Sulinet)

Director: Márton Keleti
Screenplay: Imre Dobozy, Péter Szász
D.O.P: Pásztor István
Editor: Mihály Morell
Music: István Sárközi
Sound: Gábor Erdélyi
Art Director: László Duba
Costume Designer Designer: Piroska Katona
Production Manager: Lajos Óvári
Still Photo: András Szomszéd
Head of Studio: János Herskó

Cast: Imre Sinkovits, Tamás Major, Iván Darvas, György Pálos, László Márkus, László Kozák, Gyula Szabó, László Ungvári, Tivadar Horváth, János Makláry, Károly Kovács, József Kautzky, Zsigmond Fülöp, László Bánhidi, Sándor Szakács, Pálma Gyímesi, Gellért Raksányi, József Szendrő, József Fonyó, Gábor Agárdy, Éva Kelemen, Hilda Gobbi

1965, Hungarian feature film, black and white, 111 min., 35 mm

  • 1965 – Hungarian Feature Film Festival: First Prize of Public Jury, the Professional Jury’s Special Prize for Director, Márton Keleti, Best Actor Award to Imre Sinkovits
  • 1966 – The Hungarian Film Critics’ Special Prize: Best Actor Award to Imre Sinkovits
  • 1968 – „The Budapesti twelve”