Mrs. Déry, Where Are You?

The film tells the story of three days at the climax of the career of Mrs. Déry, an aging actress. She looks into the mirror in the twilight of the theater hallway: she possesses the ultimate knowledge of her profession, but time has also caused her beauty to fade. Following the latest trend, the theater’s young star, Mrs. Schodel, acts by instinct. Mrs. Déry’s style starts to appear outdated. The elderly star returns to her husband after eighteen years’ separation. Yet, Déry’s conservative, mediocre way of life, the total passivity, and boring coziness of life at the mansion, further heighten Mrs. Déry’s endless loneliness. She deserts her home and returns to the theater. The old Jancsó is the only one to celebrate her glory in the hazy theater garden. “… Due to the genuine mutual creation of Gyula Maár, János Pilinszky, Mari Törőcsik and Lajos Koltai, Mrs. Déry, Where Are You? is an opalescent, smoothly silent, perfect film, and is one of the finest examples of Hungarian film history. The decades have left no trace on this work, its colors have faded not one little bit.” (Klára Muhi)

Director: Gyula Maár
Writer: János Pilinszky (based on The Diary of Mrs. Déry)
Screenplay: Gyula Maár
Story Editor: Zsuzsa Bíró
D.O.P.: Lajos Koltai
Editor: György Sivó
Music: Tamás Cseh, Fryderyk Chopin, Zoltán Simon
Sound: Károly Peller
Art Director: András Banovich
Costume Designer: Judit Schäffer
Still Photo: Pálma Morvay
Production Manager: József Bajusz
Head of Studio: Miklós Köllő

Cast: Mari Törőcsik, Ferenc Kállay, Sulyok Mária, Imre Ráday, Tamás Major, Esztergályos Cecília, Kornél Gelley, András Kozák, András Schiff, András Kern, Gábor Nagy, Zsuzsa Zolnay, Flóra Kádár, Vilmos Izsóf, László Aranyi, György Vígh

1975, Hungarian feature film, color, 98 min., 35 mm

  • 1976 – Hungarian Film Critics’ Prize for Cinematographer, Lajos Koltai, Best Actress Award to Mari Törőcsik
  • Cannes: Best Actress Award to Mari Törőcsik