On the Side-Line

The elderly and lonely Ivicz, once an excellent baker, now reduced to delivering bread, is a referee of third league soccer games in the countryside at the weekends. He is the rigid and incorruptible boss on the pitch. Ivicz’s linesmen are the busybody, Fedák, and the womanizer, Gadácsi. All three are waiting in hope for the newspapers to write about them one day – maybe even in the National Sports paper itself. The one hope of the sad, small-town confectioner is that Ivicz might fall in love with her. Yet the rigid referee fails to even notice his last chance for happiness. “There are not many films which present with such simplicity and intensity the fate of ordinary people in the mid-Seventies, their tragic mediocrity, comic greatness and their strong desire to break out of the total ruthlessness, while also coping with the social and historic aspects of the times...” (Gábor Gelencsér)

Director: Péter Szász
Screenplay: Péter Szász
Dramaturg: Zsuzsa Bíró
D.O.P.: Koltai Lajos
Editor: Annamária Komlóssy
Music: György Vukán, Gábor Presser, LGT
Sound: György Kovács
Art Director: Antal Neogrády
Costume Designer: Fanny Kemenes
Still Photo: Pálma Morvay
Production Manager: György Onódi
Head of Studio: Köllő Miklós

Cast: Ferenc Kállay, Gyula Bodrogi, Tamás Andor, Péter Haumann, Judit Meszléry, Nóra Tábori, Róbert Koltai, László Baranyi, Györgyi Tarján, Teri Balogh, Márta Varga, Győző Hadai Harrer

1976, Hungarian feature film, color, 103 min., 35 mm

  • 1977 – Teheran: Best Actor Award to Ferenc Kállay