Little Valentino

László Sz. is a twenty-year-old truck guard. One day he changes his mind and, for the first time in his life, he does not post the money officially entrusted to him. He fails to show up for work, generally hangs around and squanders the money, spending it on things he otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford from his salary. He takes cabs, dines in restaurants, eats lots of sweets, goes to Lake Balaton, womanizes, and buys everything he feels like. By the end of the day, he has poured all the money down the drain. He has had an active day, but nothing has happened of any great significance. László Sz. has had nothing to do with anyone and anything. He walks into a police station and gives himself up.

Director: András Jeles
Screenplay: András Jeles
Dramaturg: Zsuzsa Tóth
D.O.P.: Sándor Kardos
Editor: Margit Galamb
Music: Kamilló Lendvay
Sound: János Réti
Art Director: András Gyürki
Still Photo: Tamás Kende
Production Manager: Tibor Dimény
Head of Studio: Miklós Köllő

Cast: János Opoczki, József Farkas, Dénes Ladányi

1979, Hungarian feature film, black and white, 102 minutes, 35 mm

  • 1980 – Hungarian Film Critics’ Prize for Best First Film Director, András Jeles