Moscow Square

April 27, 1989 – Petya’s eighteenth birthday. Moscow Square’s big clock signals 8.30 p.m. and youngsters are standing around under the clock waiting to find out the addresses of parties. In Kigler’s hand, a bottle of Russian champaigne pops, Petya takes a sip and the bubbles fizz up his nose, Royal jeers at him viciously… Csömör has got hold of the addresses, the party night can start. They go up to the top of Szabadsag Hill, then over to the Castle, they go from party to party across the city. At dawn, the kids return to Moscow Square to eat hamburgers, then buzz off home. There is great confusion at high school. ”Considering the political situation”, all history exam topics covering the period after 1945 are skipped just a week before graduation. Not to speak of Kigler, who is a jerk, yet the powers that be let him pass the maths exam. They are off home to watch some porn. The guys steal a shabby Porsche from Kiglers’ second hand cars to show off to the chicks.

At night, Royal offers the boys the chance of a good deal - forging international train tickets. "Travelling, loads of money, and whatever you want!" Petya is up for it… They welcome May 1st with a nighttime swim at the Gellért Baths, and, as dawn breaks, they have breakfast right on Szabadság Bridge, sitting on garden chairs they have stolen from the Gellért Hotel.

It turns out already at the graduation ceremony, that Royal’s dad has somehow gotten hold of the questions in their written graduation exam. At first everybody is doubtful…

Director: Ferenc Török
Screenplay: Ferenc Török
D.O.P.: Dániel Garas
Editor: Béla Barsi
Music: Balázs Temesvári
Sound: Tamás Zányi
Art Director: Gábor Valcz
Costume Designer: Gitta Rajnai
Still Photo: Ábel Szalontai
Production Manager: Gábor Fülöp
Producer: Sándor Simó

Cast: Gábor Karalyos, Erzsi Pápai, Eszter Balla, Ilona Béres, Vilmos Csatlós, András Réthelyi, Simon Szabó, Bence Jávor, Zsolt Kovács, Imre Csuja

2001, Hungarian feature film, color, 88 minutes, 35 mm

  • 2001 – Hungarian Feature Film Festival: The Best First Film Award