Sticky Matters

The story itself is quite simple, it is the characters that are important. There is a woman whom love has worn down, a boy who is in love with her - but this feeling is so overwhelmingly strong that he is ready to change his whole personality for the fulfillment of such love. The boy has a very close friend who has to decide whether he is gay or if he just likes his friend too much. Until the woman appears, there has been a close friendship between the two men, and this becomes the source of complications. Is it possible to maintain the friendship in this triangle-like relationship? Will love have a chance to develop and tolerate this friendship, and how do others around them react to the whole story...?

Writer-Director: Szabolcs Hajdú
D.O.P.: Mátyás Erdélyi
Editor: Réka Lemhényi
Music: Sándor Tiba
Sound: TamásZányi
Costume Designer: Monica Estan
Still Photo: Lenke Szilágyi
Production Manager: Gábor Sarudi
Producer: Sándor Simó, György Budai

Cast: László Katona, Illés Nyitrai, József Vásári, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Szabó Domokos

2001, Hungarian feature film, color, 100 minutes, 35 mm

  • 2001 – Hungarian Feature Film Festival: Award to Best First Film Director, Szabolcs Hajdú
  • 2002 - Hungarian Fim Critics’ Prize for Best First Film, Golden Scissors Award to Best Editor, Réka Lemhényi