Mihály Schwechtje: Praline

The subject of this film is a common problem of our time, loneliness, presented in the story of a mature woman and a ten-year-old boy. The short film approaches the subject by introducing us to the strategies the woman uses to tackle her loneliness. Her remedy is extreme, but harmless at the same time. Extreme, because in choosing to celebrate the feast of love, not on the prescribed day but on any and all days of the year, she creates a grotesque situation.  However, she has no partner to celebrate with. Each time, therefore, she brings a random stranger from the street to give a present to. The film is a story of two characters, but there is also a third protagonist, the street, the tram stop and the people waiting there. Through one person’s small, strange but personal story, we are shown the loneliness of many.

Director: Mihály Schwechtje
Writer: Mihály Schwechtje
D.O.P.: Máté Herbai
Music: Tibor Kiss
Editor: Lili Makk
Sound: Imre Madácsi, János Csáki
Production Designer: Csaba Stork
Costume: Zsófia Balog
Make-up: Anikó Madarasi
Production Manager: Katalin Naszódi
Producer: Pál Sándor, Katalin Naszódi
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio

Cast: Roland Labán, Judit Rezes, Enikő Börcsök

2009, Hungarian short film, colour, HD