Csaba Szekeres, John Oates: Vortex

We stand in front of a shabby building. She thought this building would be sufficient reason for the court of guardians not to take away her children, and I thought that this building would be the ultimate reason for putting all six children into care.
Five-year-old Livia and two-year-old Armando cling to her; the boy in her arms, the girl at her feet. Erzsike gave birth to nine other children; two of whom have come of age and have left home. The two little ones hanging off her are almost nude. Their mother too came from a life in care and Livia and Amado might be heading there. The vortex pulls people deep into it, and it easily sucks new lives into where the old ones came from.
Why is it so?
The film shot in Told and its vicinity for six months seeks an answer to this question.

Director: Csaba Szekeres,
D.O.P.: Csaba Szekeres
Sound: László Zalányi
Editor: Sándor Kiss
Creative Producer: John Oates
Producer: Pál Sándor
Co-Producer: The Open University (GB)
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio

2009, Hungarian documentary, colour, HD