Tamás Zilahy: Solar Eclipse

Time passes as usal.
By-the-way it passes well, all too well.
There’s a heatwave, but eventually it’s getting dark.
Finally everything will be clear.

On a hot summer day a young boy and a girl are teasing each other in a villa at Lake Balaton.
While they are taking shower together, a middle-aged man, still in good shape, arrives unnoticed, and starts to terrorize the two young people. His evil plan is to force them to look into the sun under the solar eclipse blinding them while they make love.
The boy kills the man.
Another visitor arrives who looks very similar to the previous one. From the embarrassment and the apparent lies of the youngsters he reconstructs the story, and this generates a repeat of the previous situating. There’s a humiliating intellectual superiority on the visitor’s part, an attempt to bring about partnership, and to avoid becoming a victim on the two young people’s part. A thriller with three protagonists, a psychological game filled with inexplicable secrets, which shows the evil within us, and the guilty trying to escape from one sin by committing another.

Director: Tamás Zilahy
Writer: Gábor Németh, Tamás Zilahy
DOP: Frigyes B. Marton
Music: Róbert Erdész
Sound: András Vámosi
Editor: Gábor Rakoncza
Costume: Zsuzsa Balai
Make-up: Ági Varga
Production Manager: Andrea Duca
Producer: Pál Sándor
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio

Cast: Géza Hegedűs D, Cili Nagy, András Ötvös

2008, Hungarian short film, color, HD