Anna Faur: Girls

The film’s story is based on a crime committed in Hungary: two teenage girls killed a taxi driver.
Using the news coverage of the murder, the director presents the fairly typical environment of a generation for which sex and sexuality has got a connotation unfamiliar to the rest of us. The traditional roles and taboos are long forgotten, and the shyness and sensibility linked to sensuality do not exist anymore. These young people consider their body a means to an end. In the story one generation encounters another, that of the taxi drivers, traditionally existing between the world of petty criminals and that of the middle class. There are two threads of the story: one showing the character
 and surroundings of the two girls, the other the milieu of the taxi drivers.

Director: Anna Faur
Writer: Anna Faur
D.O.P.: András Gondár
Music: Márton Hegedűs
Editor: Vanda Arányi
Sound: Tamás Zányi
Re-Recording Mixer: Tamás Márkus
Art Director: Adrienn Asztalos
Costume: Fruzsina Nagy
Stills: Márton Perlaki
Production Manager: Zsolt Valkony, Eszter Gyárfás
Producer: Sándor Pál
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio

Cast: Fulvia Collongues, Helene Francois, Sándor Zsótér, Roland Rába, Kornél Mundruczó, Andrea Fullajtár, Bori Péterfy, Tamás Polgár

2007, Hungarian feature film, colour, 35 mm